about us

our mission is to simplify growth for small businesses



In 2014 our company began its journey. We were two women, Amy and Jo, on a mission to help small local businesses modernize and grow. We knew that many small business owners were having difficulty with design, marketing, photography, and more - and couldn't find solutions anywhere except with high-priced agencies that were more catered to larger businesses.

During our first three years in business we helped dozens of businesses while always looking for ways to simplify the process and give back to the community while we did it. This led to many iterations of our business as we grew, and a lot of experimenting and testing with our offerings so we could best serve small businesses. Then, at the beginning of this year, everything changed.

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growing pains

We were growing our business, but personally both our founders were wanting room to grow as individuals. So we gave up our permanent location in Minneapolis, and hit the road. Amy relocated to Austin, and Jo is still roaming. We expanded our team to include assistants and junior designers, so our work with businesses all over the country would be well supported. We found a meaningful way to give back to female entrepreneurs. And most importantly, Jo created our new and final simple formula for helping our clients grow their businesses.

We knew we wanted to focus on this new simple way of building businesses, and it seemed like a logical time for a rebrand. So we chose basic (ha) and hit the ground running, or rather, walking very slowly and intentionally.


new beginnings

Starting again as choose basic. we have re-simplified and come back to our roots. We discovered through our three years of exploration that there is no ONE exact design package that can suit everyone's needs and drive actionable results in a small business. But there is a simple framework we follow with every business (our 3Ms), and similarly, a timeline that we all projects can be completed within. So we now have dedicated our business to making your business simple and successful, either 1-on-1 in a 1 week program, or through workshops and group discussions.


We hope if there's one thing you learn from us it's that while business is not easy, it can be simple.