the 1/30 rule

 by Jo Magliocco

by Jo Magliocco

Starting a business first involves a lot planning. Then, it involves a lot of doing.

When we put planning and doing in context of our 3Ms, planning is creating the mission and method and doing is creating and using the means to enact the method.

Spending too much time in planning mode can prevent a business from gaining enough traction to ensure its existence in the future. Since planning is where all businesses start, it can be hard to break out of the future oriented mindset and into the present “doing” mindset. But without a deep roster of employees, it’s crucial that we act efficiently as both planners and the doers.

To prevent ourselves from falling back into planning instead of doing,, we follow the 1/30 rule.

For every 1 day we spend planning the business’ future, we spend 30 days doing the work. Essentially, we only discuss and implement new ideas once a month.

The 1/30 rule keeps us from making too many quick changes that might hurt the brand and from falling into analysis paralysis.

When ideas pop up throughout the “doing” period, we simply write them down and then give ourselves permission to forget them until the 1 day when we can evaluate their merit.

Then we spend an entire day each month discussing and planning all of the ideas to see if they are feasible, mission aligned, and something we want to pursue. Then we implement any changes, and get back to doing.

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